My First Baby - A Baby Guide By Wayfair.Com

I am learning more and more each day that babies don't keep. I love this sweet video by Wayfair. I admit it makes me emotional thinking about how fast Lucy Mae is changing and hitting new milestones every day. 

Preparing for a new baby can be very overwhelming. It is a whole new world of different gadgets and it is hard to know what you do and don't need. Wayfair has put together a great article to make it a little easier for you, My First Baby. They surveyed current and expecting parents about budgets, nursery decor, popular toys and books and baby milestones. Check out the video below from their article and read the full article here (It has tons of great videos and graphics!). I wish I had all this information on one page when preparing for Lucy Mae! :)

Lucy ♥ {8 months}

Lucy turned 8 months old yesterday. She has one tooth and one that is peeking out and should arrive any day now. Each day gets better and better with our girl. Thank you Lord for your indescribable gifts. 

Lucy ♥ {7 Months}

Myy girl turned 7 months on October 30. I can't believe how she changes each day. She is crawling everywhere and pulling up on everything she can get her little hands on. I have spent the last few weeks baby proofing our home for Lucy.

Macey & Tyler {are getting married!} ♥

My best friend got engaged last week and I couldn't be happier for her and her future husband! I got to take some engagement pictures of them on Monday and here are a few of my favorites. These two are a perfect match! 

                                  This one was for fun with the deer photobombing :)