Quick Roadtrip to Austin

My friend Mallory attends UT and has been begging for my friend Macey and I to come down and visit her. After a little convincing we decided to make the drive and spend a few days at the capital of the great state of Texas. 

A part of the convincing included a trip to a fun fabric store in Austin, Stitch Lab, and a pit stop at  Magnolia Market in Waco on the way home. 

I got a little carried away at Stitch Lab. It is a quilt store that is in a little house. They have really unique, whimsical fabric. As soon as I walked in I spotted several things that I just had to have. 

I have a small deer obsession lately and knew I could not leave without these pieces.

On the way home Macey and I stopped by Chip and Joanna Gaines shop, Magnolia Market, in Waco. This was my second visit to her store (I may have a slight obsession with Fixer Upper). You can read about my first trip here. I have had my eye on this cute Joy Christmas Sign and it worked out perfect that I could pick it up in person. 

The shop is full of the best selection of faux greenery that I have seen. I grabbed a couple of small wreaths while I was there. 

This trip to Magnolia was a lot of fun because we got there as soon as the store opened and it was not very crowded at all, unlike my first trip to the store. You can find some really cute pieces from home decor to jewelry online at Magnolia Market