Lucy Mae Summer {16 Months}

It has been awhile since I have snapped any pictures of Lucy Mae with my big camera. Yesterday we went out to my parents house and took a few. She is not as into photo shoots as her momma would like her to be, but I got a few shots of her just being an adventurous one year old who is always on the go (and always has a serious face ha).

Harper {3 Years}

I got to take pictures of the cutest girl and her beautiful mommy last week to celebrate her turning three. Ashton was my very first friend. I have many great memories running up the street next to mine to play with Ashton. It was so fun taking pictures of her and her sweet girl. Harper made this super easy. She was very into it - which is not the case for most three year olds.

These were taken at the East Texas Arboretum here in Athens. This was my first time taking pictures here and it was a great setting. I loved getting to take pictures with the old house on the property that my dad moved there.

John & Susie ♥

After fighting with the rain for a few days I finally got to take some pictures of Byron's cousins twins. They just turned two so they were not that into sitting still, but I was able to get some fun pictures of them exploring (we just had to remind John that he could play on the tractor when we were finished). These two are super cute and just as sweet.