Diaper Bags for the Modern Mom + Lily Jade Diaper Bag Review

Finding the perfect diaper bag is not as easy as one might think. It must be stylish and functional. Before having Lucy I did not really think much about the functionality of a bag. I was just looking for something that was cute!

While I was pregnant I purchased this bag from Pottery Barn. I loved the neutral color pallet and just thought I should go with the traditional diaper bag style. While this bag is great bag for overnight trips or long hauls it just wasn't a good fit for an everyday diaper bag. I started to realize why so many people went for a backpack style bag.

That is when my research began for the perfect diaper bag that was stylish, comfortable and organized. I quickly came across Lily Jade. I was basically drooling over the removable insert that has TWELVE pockets to keep everything in the right place. I loved everything about the Elizabeth Camel & Jade bag. It was not only beautiful but super organized and functional. Then I saw the price tag...and had to tell myself to stop falling in love with this perfect diaper bag that meets all your requirements. 

              Is that not a beautiful site?! A Perfectly organized diaper bag

              Is that not a beautiful site?! A Perfectly organized diaper bag

Two weeks later my husband came in excited telling me that my mother's day gift had arrived and he thought I needed it early (we ALWAYS give each other gift early. We are the worst at keeping surprises) and of course I agreed. I opened up the box to find my dream bag and may have squealed and danced around a little. I was totally surprised since I had only shown him the bag once and that was while I was scoffing at the price tag. After carrying the bag for several months I can honestly say it is totally worth the price. It is beautiful and doesn't scream I am full of diapers and wipes! I also love that when I am out of this season of life I can remove the insert and have a beautiful leather bag. 

Here are some great diaper bags that are functional and beautiful for modern moms