Breastfeeding Essentials {Happy Breastfeeding Week}

Breastfeeding is no easy feat but here are a few things that make the journey easier and more comfortable. With my first baby I had no clue what to expect and no one close to me had nursed so I figured a lot out on my own. I never knew how difficult and painful nursing would be those first few weeks. Be encouraged that is gets better each day but regardless of how you choose to feed your baby you are doing a great job mama. Fed is best :)

  • Elvie pump - This is a bigger investment but it is so worth it if you can. I was only able to purchase the single pump because the double was sold out but it works great for me since I am a stay at home mom and mostly nurse. With my first baby I dreaded pumping and having to be hooked up to a plug for 20 minutes plus having to change into a pumping bra was a pain. I knew pumping with a toddler and baby would be even harder this go around. The first time I used the Elvie I cried tears of joy. I felt a lot less like a cow and was able to just slip it into my normal nursing bra and pump while putting the dishes away. It is a total game changer and has been a real blessing this go around.

  • Breast Pads - You deal with enough disposable diapers and pads postpartum and you forget you will need even more. These feel a lot better than the disposable ones and absorb leaks great. They also hold up very well. I invested in several sets with my first baby and they have held up great for the second.

  • Kiinde System - I have used this system with both of my girls and love it. I do not pump directly into the bags because I am using the Elvie and I like measuring my milk out exactly before I store, but it is a great storage system and yay for not having to wash bottles!

  • Nursing Bras - Yes, you have to sleep in a bra while nursing and this one makes it not so bad. It is very comfy while being supportive too.

  • Manual Breast Pump - It is still always nice to have an old school manual pump around. I have used it several times in the car and popped a nipple on it and fed it to an unhappy baby in the car.

  • Haaka - I wish I had known about this with my first baby. It is a small pump that suctions to your breast while you are nursing on the other breast and catches all the letdown that usually just soaks into your nursing pad. I get several extra ounces of liquid gold a day to store away with it.

  • Nursing Pillow - A good nursing pillow is a must to bring the baby up so you do not have to bend over. I really like this one because of the back support. Carrying extra extra weight up top already puts a lot of stress on your back and the extra support this pillow gives really helps.

  • Nipple Cream - The first few weeks of nursing can be very rough and painful. This is a must have to help from getting dry and cracked nipples.

  • House Dress - You can find me on one of these dresses most days. They are perfect for the first few weeks postpartum. They are presentable for when guest are stopping in, comfy and nursing friendly.